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2021 Fall class annoucnements coming soon.

Recent Fire Department Activities / Events

New Tanker Chassis Arrives

The Chassis for our new tanker has arrived and is being prepared to be shipped out to 4Guys Fire Apparatus factory to finish the remainder of building the truck. We expect it to be completed this fall.

This truck has been funded by careful budgeting and financing. The West Point Fire Department always strives to handle our tax-payers funds in a way that allows us to continue to provide the best service possible to our community.

Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service Volunteers Needed!

We are in need of dedicated volunteers to serve as firefighters and / or Emergency Medical Services. We provide all training required, no training or certifications required to join. Serve your community today!

If interested call us at (330) 424-7853 or contact us at Become a Volunteer!

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Department News

2019 Awards Banquet

This year we held an awards banquet for our members to recognize their dedication and hard work.

We started by swearing in four members as firefighters. We recognized many of our members for achievements initial education, professional development, and years of service to the community.

We finished the night by honoring individuals with some of the highest awards to achieve. Emergency Medical Responder and Dispatcher, Gaile Chamberlain, was recognized for her distinguished service to the department. Ret. Firefighter / Dispatcher Gary Amato was recognized for many years of service and was awarded the veteran member honor. 

Beth Fonner was recognized as EMT of the Year, Don Ketchum Firefighter of the Year. Amanda Moore and Don Ketchum were awarded the highest number of calls responded to. Beth Fonner was also awarded Merit of Conduct and Lifesaving award for her actions in assisted a gravely injured individual.

Fire Officer Promotions

In the beginning of 2019 we saw the promotions of new officers. Lt. Phillip Pelley was promoted to Captain. Firefighters Steven Dixon and Doug Fonner were promoted to 1st and Second Lieutenant, respectively.

At this promotion ceremony we began a new tradition of swearing in the fire officers. In the future we will be continuing this tradition, in addition to swearing in firefighters as they complete their probationary periods.

It is worth mentioning that former Captain Victoria Cornell stepped down as an officer, to the role of firefighter, after many years of service in the position. The department as a whole would like to thank her for her service and dedication to not only the department, but the community, and we look forward to continuing to work side by her side as she brings many years of experience and training to us as a firefighter / EMT.

West Point Lions Club donates for the purchase of a new radio system

The West Point Lions Club donated funds to the fire department so that we were able to purchase a new radio system for Squad 61. The radio system that we purchased allows us to maintain critical communications while at emergencies and when transporting patients to the hospital.

To learn more about the West Point Lions Club and their activities you can visit their page at https://www.facebook.com/West-Point-Lions-Club-410565425673998/

West Point Rod and Gun Club donates to the fire department

Members of the West Point Rod and Gun Club present Chief Chamberlain and Assistant Chief Mays with a donation to the fire department. The donation was used towards the purchase of new equipment for the department.

To learn more about the West Point Rod and Gun Club and their activities visit them at:


The West Point Fire Department gets a new ambulance!

We are please to announce that the West Point Fire Department has acquired an ambulance. For years the department used the services of private for profit ambulance companies in the area. After a number of incidents that occurred where no other ambulances were available or severely delayed, the department chose to begin its own ambulance transporting service.

The West Point Fire Department and its ambulance are a non-profit service funded by the tax payers of Madison, Elkrun, and Wayne Townships. We also perform a fundraising practice known as soft-billing, which unlike the private for profit 

ambulances, when you are transported to the hospital you NEVER receive a bill or have to a pay cent to anyone if you are a resident of Madison, Elkrun, or Wayne Townships. With soft-billing we only ever bill the insurance companies of a resident and write off any other amount remaining. If you are a resident and have no insurance the transport is still free for you.

We provide Basic and Advanced Life Support via our highly dedicated and experienced team of Emergency Medical Responders, Technicians, and Paramedics. Our ambulance carries a cardiac monitor to interpret potential cardiac arrhythmias via EKG (Electrocardiogram). We also have a number of medications to treat ailments such as possible heart attacks, respiratory illness, allergic reactions, and many other situations. We are capable of treating all medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.

Our mission is to provide the best care to our residents in a timely fashion, and ensure that our patients reach definitive care quickly and safely at the appropriate hospital facility.

If you have a medical emergency, illness, or injury please call (330) 424-5606 or 9-1-1

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Please visit our page, Become a Volunteer , for more information.

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