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The West Point Fire Department gets a new ambulance!

We are please to announce that the West Point Fire Department has acquired an ambulance. For years the department used the services of private for profit ambulance companies in the area. After a number of incidents that occurred where no other ambulances were available or severely delayed, the department chose to begin its own ambulance transporting service.

The West Point Fire Department and its ambulance are a non-profit service funded by the tax payers of Madison, Elkrun, and Wayne Townships. We also perform a fundraising practice known as soft-billing, which unlike the private for profit ambulances, when you are transported to the hospital you NEVER receive a bill or have to a pay cent to anyone if you are a resident of Madison, Elkrun, or Wayne Townships. With soft-billing we only ever bill the insurance companies of a resident and write off any other amount remaining. If you are a resident and have no insurance the transport is still free for you. 

We provide Basic and Advanced Life Support via our highly dedicated and experienced team of Emergency Medical Responders, Technicians, and Paramedics. Our ambulance carries a cardiac monitor to interpret potential cardiac arrhythmias via EKG (Electrocardiogram). We also have a number of medications to treat ailments such as possible heart attacks, respiratory illness, allergic reactions, and many other situations. We are capable of treating all medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.

Our mission is to provide the best care to our residents in a timely fashion, and ensure that our patients reach definitive care quickly and safely at the appropriate hospital facility.

If you have a medical emergency, illness, or injury please call (330) 424-5606 or 9-1-1

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An inside view of our ambulance


Please visit our page, Become a Volunteer , for more information.

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Fire Prevention

West Point Fire Department strives to provide the best possible public education for fire prevention and life safety.


Our personnel are always working hard to reinforce our training so that we may provide exceptional service.


We offer CPR and First Aid training for the public, and BLS for the Healthcare Provider, ACLS, and EMS continuing education for other agencies.