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The mission of our EMS Division is to serve, to teach, and to grow with our community.

The Emergency Medical Services we offer:

As a fire department, we are tax based and not a for-profit company. Our only goal is to provide the best possible care for the sick and injured.

Our ambulance services are free to our residents using what is referred to as soft billing. Your tax dollars fund our services, we bill the primary insurance provider if applicable to supplement our expenses, and all other debts are written off. As a resident you will never receive a bill. You do not need a subscription with us or any other entity.

We function under University Hospital Prehospital Medical Protocols which are some of the most progressive and aggressive protocol for patient care in the state. These Protocols allow us to provide the highest level of care to our community.

We have an Advanced Life Support ambulance equipped with the latest top of the line technology available including cardiac monitoring that can be transmitted instantly to the hospital, video laryngoscopy, Lucas mechanical CPR device for accurate and quality chest compressions which improves outcomes in cardiac arrest victims, power cot and loading systems for seamless patient movement and transport.

Our ambulance is also equipped with a combi tool which is more commonly thought of as the "jaws of life". This tool allows us to quickly gain access to victims trapped in a motor vehicle crash.

Our personnel attend regular training to stay apprised on the latest changes in patient care. We also follow stringent policies and procedures to ensure the best practices are followed in the course of our duties.

In your time of need, remember that the West Point Fire Department exists to serve the community, not for the purpose of making a profit. We are always ready, willing, and happy to serve.

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